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Mr. A. : So you believed all that you read in The Times of India article while having a cup of tea in the morning. Do you know that what you read is filled with careless reporting, conceit for some guys, buttering for some, promotion of brand X and indoctrinating Klu Klax Klan or a similar ideology?!

Mr. B: Hmm, who cares so much about the news, it is just a time-pass yaar. Just to take a look at what is going around. Now please don't tell me it is anotherAmrika ki chaal


While the doubts of Mr. A. may not be all valid, there are proven cases of media malice in our country today. Not every time is even the article-writer or reporter aware of what is in between-the-lines of his newspaper article or TV  News. There may be a multitude of reasons for the projected mis-information, but the PROBLEM is that all this is storing in OUR head. The quality of decisions/judgments being detrimental to the information we have, what is happening around us is a BIG SIGN to this khichdi of falsehood.