Ad Spoof pictures

Note 1 Just take it easy guys. All you creative cracks, mad ad nerds I mean.

What are Ad-Spoofs? Ad spoof (also called parody/satire) is another 'content' which tickles our funny bones. This one, however, (as any advert would claims for the very purpose and reason of its existance) is different. You know the special, super, faster, longer, shorter, sexier, bigger .... and any other adjective that exists there, not only in English, but in all exotic sounding languages of the world. The saturation of this trend is increasingly forcing ad writers/strategists to discover new exotica of linguistic currencies. These days here in India, after we got bored with Italian and Spanish, it is Arabic and Persian.

i want to point out one really different thing about this take on ads. The general purpose of this is to point out the fallacy of attaching too much importance to materialism.I say too much because we cannot completely do away with the material world, since we are ourselves part of it. So the key is to keep the balance. I feel the balance is downing too much on the other side, so this website is just an attempt to put weight on the other: only as much till it maintains a balance. All that is if God wills.