Drafts [with hopes and prayers]

Our local Noam-Chomsky: Navin bhai Panwalla




US is us: the civilized outgrown inborn of Ms. Frankestein & Mr. Hyde


Seen from the cliff: the boiling lava rupturing underneath the mountain base is an extraordinary view:

That is what the Column by Pritish Nandy is titled: Extraordinary Issues. Nothing against the enterprising businessman and the Mac aficionado, who like the charismatic Shammi Kapoor were a few of the only Apple advocates of India’s previous generations.


New Age Journalists: Commentators-cum-opinion-makers-cum-critics-of-the-same-opinions-and-commentories:

The unfortunate wave that is taking India, nay, the entire world is the storm of this affliction. The gravity of this disorder if the motivation of the Stock indices and the virtuous-fraternity that such proponents are usually actively part of. The poet of the 19 century called such people, in his unique style, “anjum shanaas” in one of the verses that he wrote about the refutation of the general rhetoric of such people. He writes:

Tere maqam ko anjum shanaas kya jaane

Ki Khaak-e-zinda hai to taaba-e-sittara nai



Those whose conscience is encapsulated in the groupist-culture
That you are a lively-soil and not just a dependent on the movement of the stars


[Please bear with the rough translation]


The point of contention, of this analysis, is that these species and their handiwork is increasingly becoming noticeable, while, it is at the same time becoming increasingly vague for media activists or watchers to talk about them.