Global Media Watch

C(u)NN(ing) & sassy. All your Cables are belong to us!

These guys know very well that 'public memory is very short' and that 'money can buy you everything'. OK, agreed, but listen...
As human-loving people it is our duty to remind them that "Oopar wale ki laathi main aawaaz nahi hoti" (somebody please translate that) It will break all your defenses no matter how thick and high walls you build or how developed your roads and streets are. The Walls has crumbled on the streets and the ocean currents are bringing back the poisonous gases their factories in those third-world countries emitted. "As you sow...", don't you read the Bible. This anti-Christ materialism is the enemy of not just our brothers there, it is the root cause of all the wrongs which we see in the planet today. There is hope however. Good God is all Merciful and has sent 'reminderers'. In the heart of most of our American friends lies the firmament of truth, of love, of care, of compassion. It is just that they need to express it more, and express it more often.
Nothing can come against 'the thing called love'. Even Gaddafi, in all the evil manifestation that he carries, says he wants the Americans to choose Obama as prez. for life.
The world, nay, the Universe is keenly looking at you my friends. Even in a Godless universe there are concerns for you. Don't anger the ETs any longer, they 'exterminate' planets on just a blink on their bionic eye. Don't make those kids and women cry, wail and sigh. Amid the fireballs that rips a father, a husband, a son, a daughter and million other dreams. Amid the wonderment of a bleeding toddler who has just learnt to utter some words. Amid his questions and incessant cries, "why ma, why ma, why ma"? For he understands not the politics of oil. Nor did his father understand of whom now just a limb is there, which the toddler embraces and prays, hopes, wishes, and fears. That no one take that away now. Destiny, however, brings for them only irony and those blood-hungry vultures who come with whistling noise and drop fireballs that breaks my toys and takes away my friends and many others.