Timekeepers @ TOI

This list consists of some writers/authors/commentators whose articles/commentaries/etc appear regularly in the TOI. This list is divided into 2 sections. Section 1 is the people who work for TOI in various roles. Although some guys may not be justifiably put in this list, due to the uniqueness of their opinion (non-conformity to TOI charter), they are there nonetheless.(reasons ..later). Section 2 is the so called Freelancers (also called 'Rogue' writers when the Publications wants to denounce them). Well, this is actually  bigger list since it also contains leading columnists, commentators, editors, people often looked to for opinions, Diplomats who have no other source to push their agenda, Quasi-Politicos (like removed ) who have a tough time juggling the various (contrasting) hats. Angels and Saints like you and me who believe that not everything is super-all-evil (some things are just all-evil as well) and who believe that our work is to 'type' and 'save/send' and it is upto the Power above and beyond who can push it across. Many types from both the Section 1 as well as Section 2 also acknowledge that TOI is the most widely read ENGLISH newspaper (published from the country where there are many other 'uses' of scores-of-pages-full of English Newspapers.
SECTION 1:  [Text copied directly from TOI and enhanced with annotations by MWI ... (MWI??? hmmm, the header of this site thing)