Times Trends

An Hi-Tech, Latest invention/discovery section which is a dope for all curious minds. Selected from an array of Syndicated sources like Reuters, ANI, New Scientist, ...... (the list is growing bigger and bigger and let's let just call it Google Science)

Media Watch India
, has only one suggestion for this section and it is an important one. (which of our suggestions is NOT important, you might as well wonder)
The suggestion is to have a Disclaimer Note on this page. Even if it is in the footer in 6 point size Arial Narrow it should be there, and here is why:

  1. Science, to use the general word for the content on Times Trends, is a relative term. Statistics is even-relative  term. That makes scientific-statistics or let's just call it surveys which are conducted by every university based in the United States, or for that matter any enlightened country, worth its research grant. just like one man's science is another man's old-debunked-propaganda, all the signs that appear in the Science-full content should not be taken for granted by masses. The scope of masses in this sense includes pretty everyone, since in this era of increasing emphasis on super-specialties, even the specialists refer to Newspapers/Googles for answers, or come across which seems an item of their domain.